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Our community of Survivors have been actively working on building the Meltdown world in so many different ways, we felt like they deserve a page for their own.


Browse through them and check out who and in what way contributed to building the Meltdown world.


Fight for your survival and get inside the Safezone, on our custom Safezone Island. 

A map created by one of our prominent members, you will find everything there for a proper post-apocalyptic vibe. 

Dangerous desert, nuclear storm, mutants and the symbol of safety, the Safezone gate. 

Click here to play!


But here it’s not enough to get to the Safezone. In order for you to be able to enter you will have to find the secret code on the map. Also you will have to give meat to the people already in the bunker in order to open the Gate.

Be cautious! That same meat is needed to boost your health bar. If you don’t manage your meat supply right, it can cost your life.


If you like to fight for your survival, then this game mode is just for you! 

It’s worth practicing because in the future there will be some real competitions on the map where you can fight for valuable rewards.

Creator: Junior Chubb


Creator: Spidermonkhee

The world outside was a desolation.

A large sandy, windy, super hot, like the sun was cooking the faces of the surviving people's in the world. A vault, guided by a few agents. "The safezone," was what the agents would tell the people.


The traveling people would have to solve many things to have enter the place that was safe. Not alot of those would make it and would have to venture out into the land, some never to be seen again...


The ones who made it to the vault, would look upon the doors as they would open wide, "Enter..." is what the agents said as they counted the bodies entering their new home away from the Heat and Sand... Inside, The Safezone...


People. Where different jobs, engineers, health, soldiers, retail, housing, decoration.. so many jobs lost from the world they knew... What to do? That was the question. How to survive? Wonderful questions...

Do you also want to get featured on the Community made page?

Send us what you have created, and we will upload the best ones while crediting you. 


We would love to receive any stories, graphics, gifs or anything else that you could contribute with to the Meltdown world. 


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