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Meltdown was designed in a very distinguished way, leaning more towards the darkish graphics styles that you have seen in mainstream videogames of the past.

ENVIRONMENT 2_Sketch_s.jpg


When we were coming up with the graphics and the world itself, we made sure to create a true post-apocalyptic atmosphere.


We feel that there is still a huge opportunity in this obviously very liked theme - within the NFT space.


The concept artworks are made by Marton, a well known artist, who has been involved in many big budget productions in the past (Netflix, Shadow & Bone, Halo, Borderlands etc…). 


Thus he has incredible experience in imagining fantasy worlds and conjuring them into reality via drawing.

Untitled (87).png

While making the characters we were trying to fuse together the realistic and hand drawn styles, with this creating a truly post apocalyptic tone. 


We wanted to create something different from the standard PFP style, and we think we have accomplished that quite nicely.


The reason for why we did this is because we believe that in the oversaturated NFT market the only way to highly succeed is to show something new and unique.


There are elements from the future designs that you haven’t seen yet. We can’t share more info about these for now, but we are sure you will love them too!

Marketplace_Bunker_5_Final (2).jpg
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